V1.16.0 Released

New features

  • Upgraded to NodeJS 20
  • Upgraded all libraries to latest versions
  • Groups syncs for AD
  • Paging to DNS
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Thank you ! Will try and let you know.
Very good job !

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hi, Where to download new release? Github showing only 1.9.0 dated 2023.

ok you are referring to portal/server docker images.
Do we have good doc on upgrading? I searched, it seem like current recommendation for some versions is to export and import config?

New release means docker images. For update just run install command again on bash
it will update system. But we offer backup your config before starting

  curl  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ferrumgate/secure.install/master/install.sh | sh

for installing a custom version

  curl  -o install.sh  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ferrumgate/secure.install/master/install.sh 
 chmod +x install.sh
./install.sh --version 1.15.0

Thanks! Very prompt response indeed