V1.15.0 Released


  • New global DNS record adding supported
  • DNS aliases for services
  • Bug fixes
  • For admin users, screen timeout feature added by profile
  • Udp based tunnel server timeout updated to 45 seconds


  • More login timeout
  • Firstly selection of Udp based connectivity
  • Udp based connections are more reselient to network packet losses


Thanks you for this new release.
Where can i find information about

  • New global DNS record adding supported
  • DNS aliases for services


Under /Setings/DNS you can find global dns records. If you add new records to global DNS, all dns services in all networks will resolve to saved IP

Each service window has a button name “Alias” you can add new aliases for services. There is a trick about service aliases. Service aliases are bound to service releated network only. If user is connected to 2 or more networks, you need to use Global DNS settings. Because client can reach to fastest dns server in system.

Ok thank you for those explainations.

I m wondering if there is a way to not having network domain in résolution.

Today all my private url are company.local domain. With Ferrumgate that are now zero.company.local

There is many impact to move from VPN to ZTNA : certificates, vhost, sso callback url etc …

Is there a trick to be more transparent ?

There is no simple way to do this. One way is creating service aliases or using global DNS.
or the way can be, I did not test it.
you can set ferrumgate root domain as only local.
you can create a network with named company then resolutions will be [service].company.local

Ok. I Will try and let you know :slight_smile:

Finally thanks to global DNS I was able to do the trick.

Global record → application.company.com → IP Service Ferrumgate
Service Ferrumgate → application bind to application.company.com

Flow is : Ferrumgate client → Global Record → Internal Service → ACL.

Good to know it works. Thanks for sharing.


I have now 260 global DNS records and the page is very slow.
Can you consider to add paging ? also will be great to be able to have a search bar. By the way. great feature !

Sure. I added to current list. we will publish with next release.

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