Server Needs to be restarted


I have recently deployed the Ferrum Gate solution following the documentation and I am so far very impressed with the solution.

After a few hours and testing I have however noticed that I have to keep restarting the server after I am unble to login to the Admin Interface as well as authentication failed with


[2024-02-22 06:43:17.006] [info] executing command at worker

[2024-02-22 06:43:17.006] [info] conf response is {“host”:“https://XXXXXXXX/",“id”:“WbCxSBsL98f7EwDW”,“sslVerify”:false,“protocol”:"auto”}”

I am able to get past this by restarting the server but I am worried that this may not work on a production environment.

Server Specs


8 vCPU


FYI running Ferrum in cluster on 3 nodes since 3 months and no issue like this.

Connection refused error causes by not reaching that ports on server.
Is your machine tcp/udp 9999, tcp 443, tcp 80 ports are reachable.
or some firewall settings in your environment can cause this error.
when error occurs please type on server bash
netstat -tuplen
and check if 9999 and 443,80 port is listening