macOS Menu Bar: Show Icon Without Text Labels

Hey everyone,

I recommended to display only icons without text labels in the macOS menu bar… I think it would be a great way to improve the user experience and make it easier for people to find and access FerrumGate.

Here’s why I think we should add a menu icon:

  • It would be more visually appealing: A menu icon would be more visually appealing than a text label, and it would help to make FerrumGate stand out from other applications.
  • It would be more space-efficient: A menu icon would take up less space than a text label, which is important because the macOS menu bar has limited space.
  • It would be more consistent with other applications: Many other applications already have menu icons, so adding one for FerrumGate would make it more consistent with the overall macOS experience.
  • It would be white color icon: A white menu icon would seamlessly blend into the macOS environment, adhering to the system’s light or dark mode preferences.


Thanks, this also make sense, I added to issues,