MacOS Ferrumgate without sudo permissions


I wanna use Ferrumgate on MacOS but everytime the program is started, i have to enter sudo password.

How can i permanently grant the access ?
Thank you.

You can do it as below description.
But I really do not suggest this.
There are so many risks. We will give your user, when ever needs admin privileges without asking password.

Step 1
disable sudo password asking for your user

sudo visudo

Step 2

Find line that starts with %admin ALL =
add below line, suppose your user is myuser


we gived your user, sudo access without password.

Step 3

Goto Desktop folder

cd; cd Desktop;

Step 4
create a sh file

cat > FerrumGateNoPass.command
sudo /Applications/

press Ctrl+D and save it

Step 5
give executable permission

chmod a+x FerrumGateNoPass.command

Click desktop command, it will open a terminal and execute without password asking.

Ok thanks.

I Will adapt the sudo to only allow this sh file to be executed as sudo without password prompt.

Let you know.

cat /Applications/


sudo /Applications/

myuser ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/Applications/

Is this method working for only ferrumgate app

Yes. That Way only Ferrumgate can be Launched without prompting password.
You can use %staff group also instead of myuser

Thanks for sharing, I learned a new thing.