Frequent disconnect from network (unable to ping dns service)

While i am testing with ferrumgate solutions however i am getting unstable usage behavior as followed.

  1. upon a fresh restart of server, I am able to connect to the network and access the dns service via or dns.default.mydomain.private

  2. however when i disconnect from the network and re-login , the frequent disconnect happened.
    showing connected to network and disconnected to network every 1-2mins and unbale to ping

This happened after fresh login and everything works fine. , whenever i logged off and relogin it will occur. so far i restart the server hosting ferrumgate then it would be fine until i attempt above again.

I am using windows 11 with avast (whitelisted ferrumgate)


I noticed this only happened when i setup using ubuntu 20.04 , it seem working fine when use debian 11.
Debian 12 having some error on modprobe not found.

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Thanks for notice. As I know Debian 12 is working, I will check it again. If it gives modprobe error. It means your version does not have some modules. This happens generally using a cloud provider debian image, they are creating different images than standart. please use Debian 12 from Debian site.
and also I will test on ubuntu 20.

Using an Ubuntu 18.04 (over vmWare, a virtual machine) frequent disconnects again :frowning:
So Debian11 or Debian12 are the only possible alternatives for it to work correctly?


We did not try so much ubuntu version as servers. Our advice is using Debian 11 and Debian 12 for servers.

Debian 12 on my way!
Thanks :slight_smile: