DNS issue on MacOS


On MacOS (BigSur) after connecting the ferrumgate client, when I try to connect to a database via DNS I cannot do so. It doesn’t solve anything. However, I can connect via IP.

We have configured a single network, with a service IP range of and a tunnel server ferrumgate.ourdomain.tech:9999. I have connectivity with the tunnel server:

root# nc -v ferrumgate.ourdomain.tech 9999
Connection to ferrumgate.ourdomain.tech port 9999 [tcp/distinct] succeeded!

This behavior does not occur in Linux and I can connect without problem via DNS on Ubuntu.

Has it happened to anyone? How could I solve it?

Thanks in advance

please check it on bash with

dig $servicename
dig $servicename @
dig $servicename.$networkname.$privatedomain
dig $servicename.$networkname.$privatedomain @

and let us know please…