Client v1.5.0 published

  • Electronjs dependecy upgraded
  • MacOS Ventura tested
  • MacOS Monterey tested
  • MacOS BigSur tested
  • MacOS Catalina tested
  • Windows 10 tested
  • Ubuntu 20/22 tested
  • Fedora 38 tested
  • MacOS Ventura arm64 bug fixed

I can confirm that the macOS arm64 client is working with this version on Ventura. I still had to open Terminal and enter this line before the app would accept to open as it would tell me it’s probably damaged :

xattr -rc /Applications/

Thanks for sharing. I added to bug list.
We will investigate deeply for fixing next days.

Would it be possible eventually to have a client version that only display the icon not the icon + name on the macOS version? It does create an issue on my MacBook Pro screen as I don’t see it even if it’s open as the camera in the middle of the screen is hiding it. If I connect an external monitor it’s fine.

I added to tasklist. Next client version we will fix it