Client Apps for mobile devices

Hi guys, when looking at you docs and diagrams you have mobile devices, but i cant find any reference to the client app used on smart phones and tablets, is there a client?


So sorry, ios and android is on the roadmap. we are planing at 2024 first quarter. Also any contributions are welcome for ios and android.

Hi guys, hope everything is going well.

Do you have an updated timeline on the client mobile apps.


Sorry we will be late about this task. We could not start yet. Which client is urgent android or ios ?

On my side iOS :slight_smile: i would love to test and make my feedback.
Good luck.

I think your going to get a split opinion on that one haha, I think you have BornToKill ready to test iOS and I can test Android. Let us know when these are ready. Many thanks.

Sorry @BornToKill. I have an android. my vote goes to Android.

Logical ! No problem !