Authentication via Radius

Hi all, we are testing out Ferrum Gate and so far we love the product.

What we want to do is use our in-house MFA product (PrivacyIDEA), our existing remote access solution can use RADIUS to authenticate our users using a OTC.

Are there any plans to add RADIUS to the product which would allow further integrations with many other MFA providers.

Many thanks.

Hi, I have created a task for implementing. We plan next deploy on October 15,
After implemented I will inform again.

That is excellent news, many thanks.

We published new version. Please try this version
you can upgrade you version

  curl | sh

Feel free to ask any help.

That is perfect, I have updated and can see the new option.
Question, if I create multiple RADIUS auth sources where is the config for this stored?

For example:

  1. Can it have 2 RADIUS servers, primary and backup per single auth source?
  2. If I wanted to add extra options, I could just edit the config, such as adding a RADIUS Realm


We implemented only 1 radius support. You can only add one. If you need more we need to work a little bit more.

we are just sending input username and password to Radius server. No other option we have. There is now way to edit config manually.

Is these solve your problem?

Thanks for your support on this issue. I think in the short term this will resolve our requirement.

Just a note on your road-map (please bare in mind I dont know what this is at the moment) If you want to support MSSP deployments you need to enhance the authentication options, even maybe add more options or change your approach to how features like this are grouped together.

But its a breath of fresh air to see how quickly you added this feature. Many thanks.

Thanks for your response,
We putted multiple radius on the roadmap.
What else authentication options do you suggest? And please give more detail about “change your approach to how features like this are grouped together”
We need ideas from community? Thanks for your contribution.

I will put some ideas together and send them over, we are still running some tests in our environment. Again, great product.